It’s been proven year after year that investing in real estate is a major source of multi-generational wealth.


Smart investments can produce both a regular source of annual income via rentals (cash flow) and also capital appreciation.



Whether you are looking for a property investment in an income producing asset or perhaps wish to buy land and wait for it to rise in value, our knowledgeable, experienced investment team at RE/MAX Signature Real Estate can help.



We handle all sorts of real estate investment opportunities, acting for either buyers or sellers and deal with a multitude of assets such as residential, offices, retail, warehouses, logistics centres or even hotels and resorts.



Our team at RE/MAX Signature Real Estate can act either as the sales agent for your investment property, and we offer the following services:


  • analysis of the property and its potential for sale as an investment;
  • review of the passing rental income and potential for uplift;
  • recommendation on a suitable asking price and appropriate way to sell the property
  • preparation of suitable Investment Memorandum in soft and hard form;
  • establishing a targeted local, national and international marketing;
  • pro-active marketing to buyers of investment properties from our extensive data base;
  • follow up meetings, discussions and property inspections with potential buyers;
  • complete menu of services in terms of negotiating price and other terms of the investment sale, working with sellers and buyers all the way through to completion of the sale;
  • liaison with the seller’s and/or buyer’s appointed professional representatives or lawyers.

Our Investment services team at RE/MAX Signature Real Estate can also offer an alternative option–working for potential buyers as a “buyer’s agent”, looking for interesting investments for clients. Our fees, which may be based on “success” can be discussed prior to commencement of our work.



We can help:


  • identify and short-list properties which meet the buyer’s investment criteria
  • provide all necessary details and arrange inspections;
  • advise the buyer about investment returns, the income steam, cash flows and the potential for increases in the future;
  • negotiate the price, terms and conditions on behalf of buyer;
  • handle property related issues which may arise in respect of the investment during the course of the transaction;
  • conclude the sales transaction in conjunction with the buyers appointed professional representatives.

Irrespective of whether you are a seller or buyer looking to dispose of or acquire a property investment, one of our professional commercial property investor advisors at REMAX can surely help.



We can customise our investment services to your requirements so, why not contact us now and speak to one of our property experts and let us help you realise your property investment goals?


Our agents would love to contribute their expertise and insights and help you today.

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