Staging allows the seller to sell a home at a higher sales price and is crucial to make a good impression on buyers and is designed to showcase a home's best assets and sell it quickly for the highest possible price. Because not all sellers stage their homes–especially homes in lower price ranges–you'll be at an advantage if you decide to take these 7 extra steps of staging your home.

01 - Clean

A clean home shows potential buyers that you’ve taken good care of the property.

02 - Declutter

Clutter distracts buyers from your home’s features and makes it seem like the home has less space. Arrange furniture to look spacious, removing old or oversized pieces.

03 - Depersonalize

Remove all family photos, toys or anything else that is highly personal or evocative of the home’s current inhabitants, to help buyers envision themselves in your home.

04 - Define Purpose

Make sure that each room has a defined purpose. This will help buyers see how to maximize the home’s spaces and see that every inch of the home is usable.

05 - Paint

People’s tastes in colors are very specific and highly personal. Play it safe and paint the walls with a neutral color, allows buyers to envision their own décor and gives them an easy starting point.

06 - Lighting

Update light fixtures. Makes your home appear brighter and more inviting. Use Table or Floor Lamps to help give rooms focus and brighten up any dark areas.

07 - Freshen-up

Add final touches such as fresh flowers in vases and new towels in bathrooms. A few potted plants also can do wonders to make your home feel fresh and inviting. Key visual trick for fake flowers is to add some water to the bottom of the vase. Acording to prior NASA research here is list from GOODHOUSEKEEPING of the TOP plants to add for your health.

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